I'm Here for You

It is not an accident or coincidence that we have found each other.

You are here because you are meant to be.

You have arrived at the right place at EXACTLY the right time, and I have been called to support you in EVERY way possible.

Each and every offering is a gift of love and has been Divinely created to meet you EXACTLY AS YOU ARE and EXACTLY WHERE YOU ARE in your journey.


Introduction to Healing & "Unlearning" Journey

(Starter Experiences)

One Time Energy Exchange:

$28 each

Offerings Include:

  • Forgetting to Remember: Introductory "Unlearning" experience

  • Single audio meditations


Independent Healing & "Unlearning" Journey

(Single Offerings)

One Time Energy Exchange:

$88 each

Offerings Include:

  • LIVE "Unlearning" group sessions

  • LIVE Group intuitive guidance & healing meditations


Group Healing & "Unlearning" Experiences

(Group Memberships)

Monthly Energy Exchange:


Offerings Include:

  • Wayfinder's United BASIC Membership

  • Soul Sister's Rising Together group membership


Total "Unlearning" Experiences

(Libraries & Group Memberships)

Monthly Energy Exchange:


Offerings Include:

  • Wayfinder's United TOTAL Membership


Additional Group Memberships, Total Experiences, Products & Services

One Time/Monthly Energy Exchange:

$250 & UP

(See individual services for more information and pricing)

Offerings Include:

  • Private sessions (1-on-1 support)

  • My New Life Path Journey


Introduction to Healing & "Unlearning" Journey

(Starter Experiences)

Forgetting to Remember: An Introduction to Unlearning

It's time to FORGET everything you've been told to believe, so you can REMEMBER all you were meant to be.

This beautiful introduction to the unique process of "unlearning", will give you a taste and feel of what you can expect throughout our journey together and will prepare your mind, body and spirit for a whole new way of thinking and living.

One Time Energy Exchange:


Coming Back to Life Podcast

Join Debbie as she takes you on an incredible journey alongside some amazing guest speakers and reveals the insights, revelations, and experiences that LITERALLY brought them back to life!

Every episode is power packed with honesty, vulnerability, and inspiring messages that will dramatically shift the way you think and feel about yourself and others and will empower you to be an active participant in creating the life you desire most.

You'll learn, heal and grow as Debbie and her guests share the moments when they made the choice to stop existing and start living and how they made it happen.

Listener Donation Energy Exchange


Independent Healing & "Unlearning" Journey

(Session & Meditation Libraries)

Unlearning to Live Library

Take your healing and growth to the next level. Join me in the "Unlearning to Live" Library where you will receive unlimited access to all of the intuitive messages I receive and share. These messages will guide you on your journey and help you live your greatest life as the highest version who you were created to be.

You will find clarity in the confusion as I guide you through a unique process of unlearning, that will help you forget everything it is that you think you know, everything you've been taught and told to believe and everything that has been holding you back in your life.

Monthly Energy Exchange:


Intuitive Guidance & Healing Meditation Library

Take your unlearning journey to the next level with these powerful intuitive guidance and healing meditations. Use these meditations as a stand-alone support or in addition to the Unlearning to Live Library. Each meditation will help you further integrate the information you receive throughout our journey together.

Monthly Energy Exchange:



Healing & "Unlearning" Collective Journeys


Library Bundles & Group Memberships

My New Life Path Membership

My New Life Path is a unique and powerful healing experience. Every month, I will share intuitive messages and guide you on a journey to a new life path through a powerful process of " UNLEARNING. "

I'll help you find CLARITY in all of the confusion created by others and the world around you and take you on a journey to a new life path.

Each session is an expression of love from my heart to yours and will provide you with everything you need to connect with your own innate wisdom so you can live the free, peaceful and authentic life you TRULY desire and deserve most!

Membership includes subscription to BOTH:

Unlearning How to Live Library


Intuitive Guidance and Healing Meditation Library

***$216 ANUAL SAVINGS***

Monthly Energy Exchange:


Soul Sister Support Circle

Basic Membership

Experience the genuine connection and sense of belonging you've always wanted within our inspiring and supportive soul sister community.

Within our community, you will be held in the UNCONDITIONAL love and acceptance of your soul sister tribe and experience the peace, understanding, validation, and comfort you desire most.

***This level of membership is for the Soul Sister Support Circle & bi-monthly live group gatherings ONLY***

Monthly Energy Exchange:



Total Healing & Unlearning Experiences

(Session Libraries & Group Memberships)

Rising Together Women's Community

Total Experience

This level of membership is a COMPLETE HEALING EXPERIENCE and includes BOTH the Soul Sister Support Circle & bi-monthly live group gatherings AS WELL AS the My New Life Path Independent Journey ("Unlearning" Library Bundle)



Monthly Energy Exchange:


Addition Support & Services

Private Sessions & Group Public Speaking

Private Session

Together, we will discover and heal the deep-rooted beliefs, emotional and energetic blocks that are between you and your greatest life. I will work side-by-side with you and support you as your partner in your journey. You will always have complete control over the sessions, and we'll work in a manner and pace which is most comfortable for you.

Public Speaking

I am available for public speaking at a venue of your choosing. Click the button below to contact me and let me know all about your public speaking needs and how I can help make your experience as amazing and life changing as possible!

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